First Post: Top 4 Alternative Browsers to Chrome

So Chrome comes on almost all of our devices these days. No matter what brand you buy you can almost be guaranteed you’ll get either a stock browser made by whatever brand the phone is, or Google Chrome. Whilst the window features of Chrome especially on Lollipop android are very nice to look at, a lot of us get sick of it after a while. It looks too generic, and runs not-so-smoothly on some devices including high-end ones which isn’t really what casual web-browsing should amount to. Here are my top alternatives to Chrome. I have hand picked these because they are either a refreshing change, or have unique features that attract a lot of attention. All of them are available for free.

Lightning Browser is a extremely light, hassle free browser which takes out the many buttons of Chrome that it takes to go through different screens, and keeps to a simple look. The feel of it is very simple, and it still loads what ever multi-media sites you try on it. A 4.2 rating definitely indicates its worth a try. But what I believe is its best feature, is one that many may not even take notice of. I use Chrome on my computer, which is all well and nice. But then when I use another browser on my phone, its a hassle to have to cope without my bookmarks. Lightning fixes this in the best way I believe. It lets you import your bookmarks like any other app, but then the accessibility of them is what separates it from the rest. A swipe in from the right and you have your bookmarks. No returning to the home page like other browsers, you just get what you want, whilst browsing. Google Play –

Opera isn’t the best of browsers on computer. In fact I’d never use it ever no matter what they come up with. But on Mobile, its a whole different story. The browser can save your data, has a great layout, many options and is probably the browser that you are looking for if you want your browsing experience to look pretty. It does’t take up too much space or consumption, and makes for a great tab switcher on Tablet Layout. – Which yes, can be activated and used on a phone, without it looking messed up. Opera Turbo is one of the main selling points for alot of people. Opera claims it can save your data, and cope better than other browsers on a bad connection or weaker 3G/4G. Which is true, I used it for about 1 month at the beginning of this year and the stats provided were believable. Hve a go at Opera even if you hate the PC/MAC browser. Its worth a shot. Google Play –

CM Browser is made by the same people who made popular cleaning app Clean Master, and launcher CM Launcher. Cheetah Mobile’s browser works smoothly, and can even delete your history on closing of the app. – For all you devious folks out there ;). If you use CM Launcher, with Clean Master as well as use this as your main browser it will almost be like your entire phone has changed skin. This browser does exactly that. It changes what browsing looks like, goes easy on your eyes at night with its ‘night mode’ and packs in some horribly good animations. I highly recommend you try the setup of CM Launcher, with CM Browser and if you’d like to throw in Clean Master if you don’t have it already. CM Browser racks up a 4.6 rating on Google Play which at the time of writing, is one of the highest rated apps on the play store, not just for browsers. The last good point on CM is that its a small download, and CM points this out on their description of the app as well. If you have a lower end device and can’t keep downloading more and more apps, simply disable you current browser and swap it for CM Browser. Google Play –

Ghostery is probably that one app on this list that you haven’t heard of. When I downloaded it, it was on just 50 downloads…To put it simply what ghostery does, I’ll quote the devs, “Ghostery detects scripts from Facebook, Google, and hundreds of other ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers – all companies interested in your activity. You can learn more about these data collection companies and block them from tracking your activity as you browse.” This is a cool idea, and nice for people who are paranoid about someone always tracking what they’re doing. There’s not much more to Ghostery unfortunately, but it was worth a mention. Google Play –

Thanks for being part of my first post. Check this site weekly for more content like this, and more. Find out more about me on my “About” page, and follow me on twitter for updates – @gordie6299                                                                                         See you in the next one.


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