MCNZ’s Top Three Paid Applications (games coming soon)

These days alternative apps can keep us going trigger happy for days. Using personalisation, productivity and 3rd party clients to spice up an experience can completely change how our phone works including both the look of things, and consumption. 

Over the last few months I have been using a small handful of paid apps, and comparing them to the free versions and alternatives. Here they are with links to download onto your device, my top three paid apps. 

Nova Launcher Prime (NZD $5.00)

Nova Launcher - screenshot

Launchers are the most responsible app on your device. Every android phone has to have one, because it is what applications are launched off, and houses our homescreens and backgrounds etc. Lot’s of phones come with bloaty launchers that have very complicated or annoying icons. But if your looking for a pure stock android experience, plus a few extra options, Nova is the way to go. You get the icons used officially by google for your apps, options to customize transition animations and whether or not your wallpaper scrolls or not. Basically anything you’d expect to be able to change, you can change and more. Many of you will be aware that there is a free version of the launcher, which will suffice for many of us. If you’d like to experiment with more animations and more options such as gestures to complete certain commands then it’s definitely worth trying the Prime version. Use Nova and you’ll see that it beats Google Now Launcher, Go Launcher and all the rest.

Fleksy Keyboard (NZD $4.71)

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard Free - screenshot

The keyboard we use on our phones is almost as important as the launcher. Everything we search, every message typed and every note made we use our keyboard. There are a heap of keyboards that are free that have many more features than Fleksy. But still, none of them carry the same feel or layout that is offered. Using what is called the Legacy Layout, where the keys have been placed differently to the normal keyboard setup, and using the swiping gestures to type make typing much faster and much easier. It takes some time to get used to, but when you really get into the rhythm of Fleksy, you will think every other keyboard sucks. Otherwise the animations are nice, the keyboard looks good and can of course be customized with themes etc. I can’t say this about any other app on the list, but once you go Fleksy, you never go back.

Fenix – For Twitter (NZD $5.52)

Fenix for Twitter - screenshot

Fenix for twitter gives you a new layout, new theme and comfortable way of using twitter. It works perfectly and doesn’t miss out any of twitter’s features. Using Fenix is actually easier than navigating through the many annoying menus of the official twitter app. Whilst $5.52 can hurt for such a small app, its still worth a try. The design is much more suited for material design than the official twitter. The navigation is just done in simple swipes from either side of your screen as well as up and down when reading each page. A dark theme for low-light users like me who like to check twitter before bed can be a real help, as well as housing the usual white theme and a black theme for all the minimalists out there. With a few extra features such as choosing whether icons are square or circle, the Fenix for Twitter app won’t see your money go down the drain at all. – Provided you have a twitter account of course.


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Thanks for reading, enjoy.

Note: Prices of apps can change. All links and photos used are from and the Google Play Store. No use of copyright material for profit or any kind of infringement intended.


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