Hey there, my name is Gordon

Welcome to Mobile Consumer New Zealand, a blog made for everyday users of smart devices, with everyday budgets.

I am a student in Auckland, New Zealand and I of course; love tech. I made this site for people like myself, that want to know more about caring for their devices, finding the best apps & games as well as looking for some educated opinion on tech in general.

In terms of devices I use, I like to keep my phone as a one-handed-use based android phone with as close to stock android as possible. I use a Pebble Smartwatch to keep up to date with notifications during the day, and enjoy iPads in terms of apple products. Of course for computing and business I enjoy Windows, using a Toshiba tablet, and various PC’s using windows.

I made this site to talk about how we can take care of our devices, in affordable ways as well as have fun with them. Even though many other tech bloggers talk about high-end smart gadgets, that is not what I’m all about. I love high-end tech, but this site is mostly for those of you that want more affordable tech opinion and are every-day consumers. Stick around for lists, opinion articles/reviews and how-to’s. – As well as some re-blogs to mix things up.

Connect with me on twitter: @gordie6299

Thanks everyone, enjoy.


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